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a guide to your nhs number

Here is the Portugal Place guide to your NHS number, what it is, why it's important and where you can find it.

What Is My NHS Number?

Everyone registered with the NHS in England and Wales has their own unique NHS Number. Each NHS Number is made up of 10 digits. Each NHS Number is made up of 10 digits, as shown in the following example:

nhs number example

Your NHS number is not the same as your National Insurance number.

Why Is It Important To Know My NHS Number?

Your NHS Number is unique to you. Using your NHS Number to identify you correctly is an important step towards improving the safety of your healthcare. If you know your NHS Number, or have it on a document or letter, you can help healthcare staff find your records more easily and share them safely with other people who are caring for you. NHS staff will begin to ask for your NHS Number more often, so remember to keep it in a safe place that you have easy access to.

How Do I Find My NHS Number?

You can either;

  • Ring NHS England on 0191 2754200 and request a new medical card.
  • Bring in your passport or driving license and the Practice can provide you with your NHS number.
  • Any prescriptions from the Doctor will have your NHS Number printed on.
  • Any letters from a hospital will have your NHS Number printed on.
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